Minnesota SCI Wourld Hunting Expo!

The Last preparing for SCI hunting expo in Minnosta are now done.
Looking forward to meet old and new clients at the show, and invite
them for hunting in Swedish Lapland with us. Its going to be really
great time over there. If you have possibillity, dont hesitate to meet
us, you will find us at table 10.

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Wish you all the best!

We would
like to start with to say thanks to all friends and clients for a great 2012,
we have had it really great, and looking forward to meet 2013. And maybe we can
enjoy 2013 together in a hunting holiday or a fishing adventure here in Swedish

We have
some news for 2013, we are going to open two new lodges and open new fishing
water for pike fishing and grayling fishing.

Arranging a bigger angling event around the Centre of Arjeplog with really great prices to

Some of our news is coming up soon, so don’t forget to take a look at our web.

On our marketing agenda stands a trip to US for a hunting show in Minneapolis, Jagd und
Hund in Dortmund, Assistive technology exhibition for the
disabled Leva & Fungera is a crucial meeting place for anyone with a
disability, their caregivers and healthcare professionals.

Some articles perhaps, we have a lot of nice ideas.

We wish you all a nice and happy New Year!
See you in 2013.

Best Regards

Johan and Christer.

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King Bore (the God of Winter)

King Bore (the God of Winter in the Nordic mythology) are slowly coming closer with his white blanket. The colors
of the Swedish Lapland autumn are now changing to brown and grey, a new
painting over the mountain area is arriving.

The bird hunting with pointing
dogs are still going, but with less hunters. Only the most perseverant hunters
and dogs are now out. The mountain can still offer a fabulous hunting experience;
the willow grouse and the ptarmigan are quite often really nice to handle for
the dog this season in particular when a little snow has come.

The Capercaillie has started to
move down from the higher part of the birch forest. Today saw we the first
group of seven female capercaillie on their move. Now are we reloaded for more
hunting adventure and looking forward to have little snow on the ground.

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Small Game Starts

Small game has been started, and dogs and hunters are out at the wilderness of Swedish
Lapland to hunt in the first name willow grouse and capercaillie. The helicopters
are passing the sky with hunters some of them luckier and others. If you still don’t
have booked your hunt for this autumn have we 2 bird hunts free in October.
So pleace dont hesitate to contact us.

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Drifting for PIKE

 Drifting for pike has started, and the first trips is finish,
non really big old lady has been cought but hooked.
The weather was not with us, the wind changing everydays
from north to east and the night was cold.
But the trip was really nice and a lot of laugh.

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Angling holidays of a Lifetime

Angling nights in Swedish Lapland

Give you self a great angling holiday in Swedish Lapland
Brown Trout nights in august-september, catch a Large

one you too. A angling holiday of a Lifetime!
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Celebration in Sweden

Now are we celebration Midsummer in Sweden, and wish all friends and clients a happy weekend. The Pike season have been started and they have been cought nice pikes, not any real big ones, but the where taken 35 pikes one day in one boats. we hope and working to employ 2 other fishing guides most for the pikefishing, these guys are really great pikefishermen and have taken pikes over 10+kg. In a few days are our packets for Seloy redy for relese with seafishing and huntings for gees, and rawdeer. but also a really great dinner-experience with a really great chef.
Now we are wishes to all of you a great midsommer weekend.

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10.000 lakes Minneapolis

10.000 lakes Minneapolis, the twin city, here are we now. we living down town and it is quiet as far out
in the wilderness. unbelivible. The Northwest sportshow are great, alot of hunter and really lot of fishermen
and of course, equiment some good, some you dont need but…. The weather has been really nice like an
early summer weather in Sweden. On monday are we going fishing in Mississippi river with our guide
Daen. It will be very nice and they have had a amazing fishing there last week. That are we looking forward to.
Plans for the US market are already done for next year 2013 will you meet us at the SCI convention in Minneapolis.
If you are interested of fishing or hunting in Swedish Lapland take contact with our agent Ted Shogren at
The sporting trader. www.sporting-trader.com See you soon!

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Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis

Preaparing for the Fair in Minneapolis march 28 – april 1.
come and meet us, and we will show you moose and bird
hunt in Swedish Lapland

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Don´t miss a anling holiday of lifetime

We still got days for your angling holiday, Brown Trout, Grayling , Arctic Char
and Pike adventure. Our angling trips are from the forest area and high up in the

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