King Bore (the God of Winter)

King Bore (the God of Winter in the Nordic mythology) are slowly coming closer with his white blanket. The colors
of the Swedish Lapland autumn are now changing to brown and grey, a new
painting over the mountain area is arriving.

The bird hunting with pointing
dogs are still going, but with less hunters. Only the most perseverant hunters
and dogs are now out. The mountain can still offer a fabulous hunting experience;
the willow grouse and the ptarmigan are quite often really nice to handle for
the dog this season in particular when a little snow has come.

The Capercaillie has started to
move down from the higher part of the birch forest. Today saw we the first
group of seven female capercaillie on their move. Now are we reloaded for more
hunting adventure and looking forward to have little snow on the ground.

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