New Name – New web site

Arctic Charter is changing name to ARCTIC hunting & fishing. And a new web site is soon up. You can also following us on FACE book on our new name.

Regards  Team of ARCTIC hunting & fishing

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Fishing season is Here!

High season to book you fishing holiday, After a really Cold and late spring, are we know starting up our fishing adventure. If you looking for great fishing after Brown Trout, Large Grayling, Pike strikes or The beutiful Arctic Char. Take a look at our base package and tell us your Dream fishing adventure. It truly come through here in Swedish Lapland. We know the secret Pearls. Combine with great food and guides, it couldnt be any better.

Give us mail, and we try to make you Dreams…..

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2015 has been started really great

Hunting season for Ptarmigan is now only 15days left of, and we are now looking forward to Beaver hunt. And ofcourse we have alot of snow left for snowmobile safari right ON the Arctic Circle High Mountain. The ONLY Place you can experiences this in whole Europé is here. combine it with great dinners and ice fishing for Arctic Char, an Amazing experience!

In May starts the Sea trout in Norway for us, so if you looking for some nice fishing Days dont hesitate to Contact us.

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Arctic Char ON the Arctic Circle

Fishing for Arctic Char with Anders Dahl Eriksen and Matt Hayes
ON the Arctic Circle. One of our fishing adventure in Swedish Lapland

See more; follow the Link;

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New Prices

We are still working with our prices for 2014. Sorry that you dont
cant find them on the site. But it will come up very soon.
Also our moose hunting packets. Do you have a question please
just send us a mail at

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New prices

We working with our prices for 2014, sorry that we dont have it up yet,
but it will come up soon, Also our moose hunt packets.

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Outside the office window is the snow blowing and it’s quite windy. It’s like it would be April now, but we still working with to do better and greater experiences for you who visit us in here at the Arctic Circle and Swedish Lapland. This summer are we opening a new Camp FORSNAS, at the Pite River. Here are we having boats in the river and at a great lake close to the Camp. Species to fish for is Large Grayling, Northern Pike, Perch and Trout’s. In FORSNAS will it be app. 10beds and only for bookings. We use the Camp for fishing, small game hunt, meetings, and Sami experiences.

If you looking for great hunting adventure or a micro adventure for the summer or autumn 2014. It’s best you start to plan your travel. Its high season to start booking your holiday and we have some booking already at FORSNAS camp. Fisherman who is looking for new great water to put there flies in for a Large Grayling or a BIG Pike.
The hunting season for Ptarmigan (Rock Ptarmigan US) is ending next week, and it has been a really amazing winter hunt season. We are now looking forward to the autumn when the hunt starts over again. Stay tuned more info is coming this spring


Outfitters Johan Sandlund & Christer Holmberg

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The weight of the Arctic Char

Take a chans to get the possibility to experience the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland
with us at Arctic Charter. So send us an mail with name, and adress and of course
take a guess of the weight of the Arctic Char. That person who is closet win the
price of one day snowmobiling and ice fishing include lunch and possibility to catch
an Arctic Char of a Life time! we want weight in kilo and kilo gram. ex. 0000,00
our mail is
Good Luck!
weight of the arctic char

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Blue season is coming

Now have the snow come to stay! almost every lake are now also frosen and the ice is from 10-25cm thick. Ice fishing season have been started and we have cought some really nice ones. Hunting for ptarmigan by skies have also started, as hunting for capercaillie and black grouse. Our blue season is here really soon. when the Days at the Arctic Circle is Deep blue and in the evening are the sky getting Purple and pink. Its perfect for photosafaris at the White mouintains. also perfect for northern lights wish dancing above the Arctic circle with the Mountains as background.
Experience our blue season, you will only find here where the Arctic circle crossing the high Mountains in Swedish Lapland.

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The new Lodges

The new lodge for pike and grayling are taking form, and the fish are jumping. We have had so far really nice weather. It’s still a lot to do with the house but looking forward to the result and to hook a nice pike in the area. We are going to have a couple of boats for clients here at the lodge and in the near lakes. Further information is coming. We have also to do some test hunting for capercaillie and black grouse, it’s looking really beautiful; we have seen a lot of hare at the roads to the lodges. Read you soon….over and out.

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